France’s Ligue 1 introduces new logo, as McDonald’s takes over sponsorship

On April 3rd, France’s top football division, Ligue 1, unveiled its new logo, set to officially represent the league from the 2024/2025 season. The reveal coincided with the end of the competition’s sponsorship deal with Uber Eats. This identity shift signals a fresh era for Ligue 1, opting for a sleeker, more contemporary design.

McDonald’s is announced as Ligue 1’s upcoming sponsor, with the competition moving away from the green hexagon introduced in 2020 to a simpler yet elegant emblem combining a “1” and an “L.” This new logo features a modern, stylized typeface.

By updating its visual symbol, Ligue 1 aims to modernize its brand and enhance its global appeal. The new logo is described as versatile, easily adaptable to various formats and digital platforms, thereby aiding in promoting Ligue 1 worldwide.

The L1 symbol is designed with simplicity in mind, depicted with just a few strokes. The “L” can be perceived in the left stroke or inside the opening of the “1.” Accompanying the icon in the basic logo version is “Ligue 1,” presented in a custom typeface reminiscent of the Laqonic 4F font, characterized by sloping ends. An alternate version might integrate McDonald’s distinctive “M” preceding the wordmark.

Initial reactions to the L1 logo across social media profiles of Ligue 1, PSG, and Olympique Marseille were mixed. Some fans welcomed the change as a natural brand evolution while others critiqued the design’s simplicity, claiming it does not honor Ligue 1’s essence and traditions.

Given that the hexagonal motif has been part of the league’s identity since 2008, the new emblem signifies a departure from tradition. The hexagon had become an iconic shape in Ligue 1’s symbolism, especially considering that the competition’s trophy, introduced in 2006, features a disc with a hexagon-shaped center known as L’Hexagoal. Rumors surfaced alongside the logo update suggesting that L’Hexagoal might also be replaced with a new trophy.

Ligue 1’s rebranding aligns with trends seen in the football world where new identities often accompany significant organizational or financial shifts within leagues, as observed in Spain’s La Liga last year. Whether Ligue 1’s new logo will be embraced remains to be seen, given the magnitude of the change; time will be the ultimate judge.

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