Škoda rebrands with a flat logo

At a special meeting, the Czech car brand Škoda, which has been a member of the Volkswagen Group for 30 years now, recently announced a comprehensive rebranding and unveiled its view of the upcoming Škoda design language.

Based on its “Next Level – Škoda Strategy 2030” published last year, the automaker has presented a fresh version of its visual identity. As the car industry is undergoing big changes, Škoda, according to the company’s CEO Klaus Zellmer, is facing new conditions, accelerating the development of the technology for e-mobility, software-supported vehicles, and customer-oriented solutions. By 2026, the company is going to launch three pure EV’s. The marque’s VISION 7S concept research gives a look at one of the models, first showing Škoda’s future branding.

So the changes in the corporate strategy are reflected in the new visual identity including a logo and other design elements, like brand colors and typography. As the company stated, it has carried out the most dramatic redesign since it joined the Volkswagen conglomerate.

Škoda’s iconic winged arrow was reworked, accordingly to the modern logo design trends. While the previous version featured a gradient design which gave a perception of flexible and chrome dimensionality, the new logo looks flat, executed in a light green color. This simpler form was created, considering the increasing role of digital environments in marketing and communication.

The Škoda wordmark was remarkably changed as well. Combining symmetric forms and sloped edges, it is planned to be used even more often than the arrow in promotional materials. As the company says, the most challenging task was to integrate the caron above the “S”, the so-called “haček”, relating to Škoda’s Czech heritage, into the lettering. Eventually, it was encoded, in a way, in the cut-out in the “S”.

As for the color palette, Škoda Auto will use two shades of green: dark Emerald green and light Electrogreen. With these colors, the company wants to emphasize the topics of e-mobility, steadiness, and sustainability.