Qatar Warns Against Unauthorized Use of the World Cup Logo On Car Plates

Qatar Warns Against Unauthorized Use of the World Cup Logo On Car Plates

As Qatar prepares to host the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and Arab world, the 2022 FIFA World Cup countdown is on, and excitement is building across the country.

The tournament will be hosted by five cities and eight stadiums across Qatar, with the final at the Lusail Stadium in Doha. The opening game between Qatar and Ecuador will take place on November 20.

The event has already generated huge interest across the region, with more than a million tickets sold within hours of going on sale. Moreover, online fans around the globe are actively seeking platforms like for insight into their teams’ chances at the World Cup as they are able to see all of the latest FIFA World Cup betting odds available to take advantage of.

Qatar has been selected to host the tournament because it was well-matched with FIFA’s requirements and would be able to deliver an excellent experience for fans around the globe. The tournament will feature 64 matches over 28 days and promises to be one of the most exciting football events ever hosted in Qatar.

The host nation has been preparing for this moment for years, with ambitious schemes designed to prepare for the influx of visitors. However, the excitement of the World Cup has caused a different reaction in the local population. Football fans in Qatar started applying World Cup logos on their everyday items.

After excessive use of football car number plates, Qatar warned the general public not to display unauthorized vehicle license plates with a unique logo created for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Earlier, it auctioned off such plates for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Five persons were detained in May, according to the Qatari authorities, for encouraging the sale of apparel emblazoned with the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 emblem without first receiving FIFA’s permission, which safeguards its trademarks. In addition, this happened when officials raided a factory that produced perfume for bottles with the World Cup emblem last year but made no arrests. There isn’t an official fragrance.

Moreover, the interior ministry warned on Twitter that it is illegal to copy and paste the World Cup logo on vehicle number plates, warning violators of legal action. Indeed, this is perhaps due to the fact that the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee put up 50 license plates with the World Cup logo at auction in May; the most expensive one went for 1.8 million Qatari riyals.

Final Thoughts

While we understand that football fans across the globe want to show their support for their team and acknowledge the significance of this event in Qatar, local authorities deem it unprofessional to apply logos without permission. Only official Qatar organizations may use the logos for promotional purposes for commercial gain. Authorities have warned the public that actions will be taken against residents using a football logo on their car number plates. Moreover, the police are ordered to remove such number plates.