Protective Life rebrands with new logo

Founded in 1907, Protective Life Corporation is one of the oldest insurance enterprises in Alabama. Recently, the company has carried out a rebranding by shortening its name to just Protective and adopting a new visual identity. The renovation has to emphasize the institution’s focusing on improving its services as well as its self-positioning in the sector.

To refresh its look, the Birmingham-based company applied to the Lippincott design agency which is known for its works for PBS, Walmart and Starbucks. Like any solid work, the Protective redesign process was preceded by a survey among focus groups and researches of the branding trends in the insurance industry. This gave Lippincott an idea how to express Protective’s individuality in the best way.

The values-driven spirit and protective activity of the company were embodied in a visual identity conveying the brand’s aspiration to help all people achieve a sense of security. Thus, Protective’s new logo features two abstract figures, drawn quite simply, standing arm-in-arm. This symbol has to be associated with a human story of protection, when a person feels a support from his friend or family member.

While the emblem also includes a generic sans-serif lettering, it is colored in purple that, according to the designing team, is a combination of red standing for energy and blue meaning stability. Such a coloring makes the brand stand from a range other insurance companies, giving it an unique and recognizable face.

The proper style with a purple-and-white color palette has been implemented in the design of Protective’s updated web-site, digital and printed materials as well as merchandise.

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