Nisus unveils its new identity

Established in 1990, Nisus Corporation is a company that has built a reliable reputation in producing wood preservatives. Having entered the market as a simple start-up with Bora-Care, an advanced product which proved to be very efficient in pest control, it has eventually evolved into a solid enterprise offering innovative chemicals with low environmental impact. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Nisus has recently adopted a new logo including a tagline and also introduced a brand-new website.

With Nisus’ latest achievements in business and technology, the management of the company realized that the old logo introduced 15 years ago doesn’t fit the practicalities of the present day. So, they initiated a comprehensive rebranding that would feature new visual elements and digital materials.

Designed in quite an original manner, the company’s new logo includes a white “N” formed with two curving lines inside a green square. While such a letterform symbolizes a seamless moving from plans based on the wishes of customers through research and development to the final result correspondig to those wishes, the green background is intended to tell that the company takes care of the environmental safety of its products. This symbol is accompanied by the all-cap lettering “Nisus Corporation” in two different typefaces and the tagline “Better science for a better world”, that complements the Nisus brand with the message that new technologies applied by the company will contribute to environmental protection.