Milan Motorcycle Show presents new logo and slogan

The Milan Motorcycle Show EICMA (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motorciclo e Accessori) has rebranded, unveiling a new logo and slogan.

Nearly three months before its 78th edition, the Italian motorbike exhibition has presented its new logo and changed its name as a part of a rebranding. With this, the show is willing to emphasize more clearly its identity and direction.

EICMA’s new emblem represents the front wheel and fork of a motorbike. The wheel is a symbol of the world, the fork plays the role of a pointer and the red color conveys the passion for the segment, according to the show’s representatives. Obviously, the red wheel looks more seriously, compared to EICMA’s old logo in a cartoonish style depicting a cyclist and a motorcyclist.

While the previous slogan of the event was just “World Motorcycle Exhibition”, the new one, “Esposizione Internazionale Delle Duo Ruote” meaning “International Two Wheels Exhibition”, expresses in a fresh and bold way the spirit of EICMA.

The EICMA rebranding was carried out in cooperation with the Milan-based advertising agency Yes Marini headed by famous artist Lorenzo Marini.

The 78th Milan Motorcycle Show will be held on November 23-28.