Intel makes changes in its look

Since its inception in 1968, Intel rebranded only once, in 2006, when the company introduced the swoosh logo. Appearing in Intel’s ads along with the iconic jingle, it grew a well recognizable symbol of the IT giant. However, some brand renovation won’t hurt especially if it is intended to reflect success in the business. To express its recent achievements, Intel has rolled out a new logo and a modernized version of the bong sound.

Although it dropped the swoosh, Intel’s new logotype inherits general traits from the previous emblem, including the square dot over the “i” (however, its color will be different from the color of the letters now) and the sans-serif style for the letterforms which, however, were a bit altered with the right corners in the “i” and the “l” as well as a more traditional shape of the “n”.
While presenting the new brand identity in her corporate blog, Karen Walker, Intel’s Senior Vice President Chief Marketing Officer, said that the rebranding is based on the technological innovations the company implements in its up-to-date products, including new data systems, artificial intelligence and 5G networks.

“Don’t be encumbered by history. Go off and do something wonderful”, a quote of Robert Noyce, a co-founder of Intel, served as an inspiration for the rebranding and has been guiding words for the whole company, and the new look is an embodiment of the human spark of ingenuity running through Intel’s history.