Independence of Baker Hughes is marked by a new identity

A while back Baker Hughes introduced its new identity. Baker Hughes belongs to one of the leading and oldest oil field services companies, working in the sphere for around a hundred years with headquarters in more than 120 countries. Apart from providing services, the company specializes in producing equipment and software for the industry.

The redesign was caused by recent Baker Hughes’ separation from General Electric Co. The issue of rebranding arose in summer 2018, after General Electric’s decision to quit the merger, selling off its controlling ownership.

To realize the project of remodeling Baker Hughes invited the New York firm Interbrand, engaged in the sphere of branding management. According to the oil company source, they have tried to create a decent emblem that will echo with the BH’s main goals and intentions, at the same time be aesthetically good enough to present the company for several years in future.

Baker Hughes’ new mark consists of two arrows — one is of a light green shade, the other is of a dark green one, making together a figure — mobius. The green coloure, used in the logo graphics instead former dark blue, is not an accidental choice, it symbolizes BH attainment to use cleaner sources of power. Arrows in the logo represent the future plans of the company, which goes as far as 2050. Till that time BH is going to invent a technology, that will make energy cleaner, safer and more efficient for people and the planet. As for mobius figure, it stands for the historical union of the two gigantic companies, which came to an end.


Filing trademark is scheduled on the 17th of October 2019 and after the procedure is completed, the company will get the official name of Baker Hughes Co. The company’s stock symbol will be replaced by BKR, from the BHGE, they used to have.

The new corporate logo will appear on the BH buildings in all its branches worldwide in 2020. Working cloth for field workers, including hard hats, will feature the doubl-arrow emblem too. Moreover, the company is willing to launch a billboard and ad campaign to make the new logo easily recognized by general public as well.

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