Digital agency Mozoo presents infinitely adaptable visual system

Founded in 2010, Mozoo, a digital agency, is entering a new era, launching a rebranding. The company’s fresh visual identity reflects its position as a big player in the digital segment. This strategic change falls during the period of significant growth for the agency, marked by new business customers and important acquisitions. Mozoo’s impressive portfolio, which includes over 60 brands, has been replenished with such names as Nivea, Heetch, Kiko, Ornikar, and Back Market.

Fulfilling its mission to help brands build their solid individuality in a complicated technological environment, the agency illustrates their stories, implementing contemporary methods of creating brand content, video products, and Web3 techniques.

The current rebranding is based on Mozoo’s commitment to highlight its adaptivity amid the ever-changing market. The agency still intends to offer innovative and individual solutions with a modernized design.

Mozoo has updated its logo’s design to emphasize its creative uniqueness. Collaborating with the Paris-based international design studio Brand Brothers, the company developed a distinctive typographic style as powerful as modern. The Mozoo wordmark was rethought in a bolder typeface. While planned to be used in black and white versions, the logo will be accompanied by four neon hues and two additional fonts (Parafina by Feliciano Type and Diatype by Dinamo).

Furthermore, this new visual system is based on patterns of generative waves in infinitely adaptable forms. Graphically representing the Mozoo signature, it is randomly integrated with other visual elements and messages, which adds some dynamism and innovativeness.

Mozoo’s brand book contains recommendations to use such patterns to build a sophisticated visual language for different means of communication. This identity, both progressive and impressive, resembles the visual codes of American digital technology agencies.

The artistic choice corresponds with the current growth of Mozoo and its announced aspiration to take a leading position among digital promotion companies. And this ambition is proudly expressed with the agency’s new slogan “Creating at the Speed of Change”.

In general, this visual transformation of Mozoo reflects the continuous evolution of the digital ecosystem and is a visible confirmation of the upswing of this creative agency.