Coltex Australia rebrands as Ampol and rolls out new logo

Gaining its independence from Chevron in 2015, Australia’s Caltex had been using the US oil corporation’s brand name for more five years. As Chevron’s brand license terminated in late 2019, Coltex Australia is going to change its name to Ampol and adopt a new logo. The Australian oil company unveiled its new emblem on May 13th, a day before the annual meeting that has to approve the rebranding.

As Coltex’s interim CEO Matthew Halliday said, the renovation of the company’s look takes place at an appropriate time as it only emphasizes the recent growth of the firm as a leading independent petroleum provider in Australia. The revived Ampol brand will continue the company’s 80-year tradition of providing high-quality products and being a key institution for the local communities.
Ampol’s heritage is reflected in its new logotype featuring the traditional blue and red. It shows the brand’s evolution and capability to develop its activities and improve its services. At the same time, the emblem with the leaning “A” conveys the company’s connection with customers as well as its aspiration to be a moving power and a light signal for people. With this, Ampol hopes to regain the status of the most respectable brand in the Australian oil industry.
The new logo will mark the company’s offices in Melbourne and Sydney by the end of 2020, later, it will appear nationwide. The whole rebranding process will take two years.

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