Canadian Energy Center introduces new emblem replacing initial unsuccessful logo

When the Canadian Energy Center, an organization advocating oil & gas industry safety, had unveiled its new logo in a tweet this Thursday, it called forth a backlash. It turned out that the CEC emblem is similar to the logotype of a US software company.

On Tweeter, users noticed that the Canadian agency’s white dimensional blocks on a blue field is a copy of the patern in green used by the Boston-based Progress Software Corp. Informed of that, the US company thanked those who drew their attention to CEC’s new logo, saying they would be looking into this issue.

Meanwhile, Alberta’s governmental institution, realizing its mistake, said it would take steps to replace this unhappy emblem designed by Lead & Anchor, a Calgary-based marketing agency. According to CEC, the agency was chosen from 9 competitors who responded the center’s rebanding request. Reportedly, Lead & Anchor will bear all the costs connected with this unfortunate situation.

It didn’t take long to see the promised steps – the organization replaced its logo as early as Friday, rolling out a new emblem that features a stylized figure with an outline of a maple leaf. The representatives of CEC said it was selected from the alternate logos proposed during the brand developing process.

However, this new logotype met criticism as well. Some people were disliking the design, noticing that the rounded lines may resemble those on logo of the Canadian Diabetes Association.