Batavia is to get a new city logo

The current logo of Batavia, Illinois, was introduced in 1983. It represents the lettering “Batavia” in a simple all-caps typeface with a windmill wheel looking like a dot over the “i” and the slogan “City of Energy”. While the windmill wheel is connected with the windmill manufacturing launched in the city in the late 19th century (it even gave Batavia the nickname “The Windmill City”), the slogan refers to Fermilab, a particle physics laboratory located outside the city.

The fact that the city hasn’t changed its identity for 36 years made the authorities think of a rebranding. So, after some discussions, they hired Griffin Price, a Communications Coordinator, who initiated a logo project based on earlier branding researches. After his first concept had been rejected by the City Council, the identity development team was joined by Chris Daleen, a freelance designer experienced in working with governmental institutions.

The cooperation of Price and Daleen resulted in series of logo drafts, one of which was approved by the City Council’s committee. At same time, it was agreed that the new identity will include no slogan. The logo, that represents a windmill – the customary symbol of Batavia – against the background of a twisting road and blue sky with a cloud, is still to be approved by the whole City Council. After the approvement, it can be seen on the city’s entryway signs, and used for official documents.

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