HP presents new logo for the Omen gaming line-up

While announcing new desktop and monitor models for its Omen gaming line-up, HP has unveiled the brand’s new logo that should symbolize the developing of the company’s gaming direction.

Omen derives from Voodoo, a luxury computer brand acquired by HP in 2006. Although the company gave a new name to the brand, it left the Voodoo logo unchanged then. Keeping the “tribal mask” diamond meant the continuity of the VoodooPC technology including water cooling and top Nvidia video cards. Later, HP refreshed Omen’s logo by putting the Voodoo mask in white into a red-to-white gradient square.
But new times requires new symbols, and Omen’s emblem has been updated. Nevertheless, it has connection with the Voodoo mark through its diamond form that has inherited the gradient design from the previous logotype. The new emblem is also distinguished with the stylized wordmark “Omen”.

Overall, the logo looks simple yet fine, especially compared to that creepy VoodooPC mask. With this, it follows the modern trends in the design for cutting-edge gadgets. According to HP, this style is intended to modernize the brand and evoke progress, and that will help appeal to gamers in a better way.
As for the new models, it is known so far that the Omen line-up will be supplemented with the HP OMEN 15 laptop featuring Nvidia GeForce 2060 GPU, and also the Omen 27i monitor offering a wider color range and better viewing angles.