Avelo: Inspiring travel

Originally founded as Casino Express Airlines in 1987 and being named Xtra Airlines for some time, Avelo Airlines received its current name early this year after a change of ownership. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the re-established airline operates in the ultra-low-cost segment, having a fleet of six next-gen Boeing 737 planes. Declaring its main purpose to “Inspire Travel”, the company has rolled out its visual identity created by the Kim Berlin design studio.

It should be mentioned first that the design studio has made great efforts, developing the whole brand identity for Avelo Airlines – from the naming to the uniform for flight attendants. To create a unique face for the company, the designing team carried out research in the aviation industry, figuring out what color palette and forms the airline needs to stand out from its competitors.

The Avelo Airlines brand was formed, considering the company’s aspiration to give its customers the experience of effortless, swift, and smooth travels. So the visual identity is distinguished with soft color tones and sleek lines.

Being rarely used by other airline companies, purple was designated as the brand color of Avelo Airlines. It is used for the company’s logo, promotional materials, and staff uniforms. The emblem was specially designed to look good and remarkable when painted on the tail of the plane. Made up of light blue, white, and yellow “streams”, as they are called by Kim Berlin, this symbol means the airline’s customers, crew members, and community.

The visual identity also includes an all-lowercase wordmark, executed in a custom typeface, which utilizes open-countered typography. Featuring round letterforms, it perfectly fits to be drawn on the side of the fuselage.

Overall, the Avelo brand is quite balanced, formed with simple yet expressive elements. The combination of generic forms and light colors is what will help the airline differentiate itself in the industry.

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