1694 – The Art of Crafting Memorable Logos: Graphic Design Jobs in Branding

All the most popular businesses in the world have had one thing in common; a fantastic, eye-catching logo. These logos have helped make the most basic of companies become a recognizable figure in the people’s eyes. This is all thanks to the wonderful work of graphic designers. There are many variations to a graphic designer that can come in handy when making logos. There is so much work for graphic design Montréal since many artistic set pieces can be found there. You could also find industrial design remote work if you prefer to not travel. Most of these jobs can be found on sites such as Jooble. They come with plenty of recommendations based on your own specifications.

1694 - The Art of Crafting Memorable Logos: Graphic Design Jobs in Branding

Basics of Crafting Logos

There are few basic steps you can learn about logo design before applying for some of the related fields. We can give you a few tips to look at so you can be more prepared for the applications:

  • Make it Simple – Always ensure that the logo is simple enough to be recognizable. Something too complicated can make it confusing to look at.
  • What is the Audience? – Think about what kind of people will see this logo. Who is the target audience of the company it is attached to.
  • Make it Memorable – Try to figure out a specific eye-catching detail. What can instantly grab a person’s attention the moment they see it.
  • Ensure it is Scalable – The logo itself must be able to fit on a variety of layers. This includes small portraits, landscapes, profile pictures, and more.
  • Splash of Color – Be sure to think about what colors to use when designing the logo. Make sure that they don’t clash with each other. Just one, simple color can make all the difference.

In terms of related jobs for logos, this can include all sorts of backdrops. This can entirely change depending on what kind of company you are working for. What is the logo used for? How often can the logo be adapted and changed? Choosing the right job for your skills will determine what kind of logo you will make.

Graphic Designer

A standard graphic designer job houses a variety of roles to work with. They are in charge of creating many pieces of work that help with advertising brands. While it isn’t the main part, you can expect the logo to be the starting point. You will need to work closely with the company so that you know exactly what wish to portray. For example, if it’s advertising an aquarium, you can use a mixture of water and aquatic life in the logo. Perhaps something simple like a wave or a fish species?

The logo will be part of other advertisements you will be working on. This is why designing the logo is the most important part. It will be the template to work off from to create other promotions. The tidal wave you drew for the aquarium could become an ocean for a massive poster.

Web Design

People will most likely notice the logo when it is on their website. Web designers are specialized in making web platforms that are easy for viewers to navigate. The logo can help make it easier for viewers to know they are at the right place. You can design the logo to be applicable anywhere on the site itself. It could work with being only in the top corner. It could work as a full background for the website itself. You need to keep in mind what website functions are available so you can find a way for the logo to have its place.

User Interface Design

This works in tandem with the web designers. UI is about how the website will be navigated. Whether it’s through touch controls or clicking on submenus. There are ways in which the logo can be incorporated into this. If the viewer clicks on the logo, it could open all the categories for them to see. It could also just be used to send them immediately back to the homepage. Designing a good logo can help strengthen that bond of trust. Clicking on the logo means you can trust it can take you back where you need to be.

Art Director

Becoming an Art Director can give you more control over the design projects. They don’t just have to be the logos. This can allow you full control over how everything in the business will look. That way, you don’t have to design the logo around the business. The business can be designed around the logo. Once you have a logo sorted, you can color and design the business’s entire brand around it. You can even design the office itself. For example, you could have a whole paint job on the building. Have the walls and hallways reflect what the logo represents.


There is no rule against a logo or brand being just a still image. While the logo itself will just be 2D, the logo can also be animated during the promotions. A good example of this is the Google logo. During special birthdays for important individuals, the logo may show an animation that shows off that specific person’s theme. It could involve moving characters, changing colors, or complete stories. Making a logo animated can add so much personality to the brand. This is often how mascots are created from logos themselves.


This is a popular job for those that wish to focus solely on their individualistic talents. Illustrators can create visual representations of written words. A lot of them work in book deals, creating covers for books with fantastic stories. Illustrators make a lot of logos for these books, which makes them vital in making a captivating symbol. Some logos are made from just the words themselves, which makes it easier for illustrators to capture the design. A big example is the McDonalds logo. It is literally just the first letter. However, it is drawn in a way that makes it both simple yet instantly recognizable.


Photo Editor

The logo itself doesn’t have to be made completely from scratch. Photo editors can really help with graphic designs. It gives them something to work off from, creating designs based on detailed photos. Going back to the aquarium example, photos of aquatic life and ocean views can really add to the overall aesthetic. There is nothing wrong with working off real-life images so long as the designers find inspiration for something original. You can work as both a designer and photographer, which makes it easier to keep the ideas all in one place.

Finding the Right Job for You

All these jobs have one thing in common. Having a passion for graphic design and bringing new ideas to life. All it takes is fine-tuning these skills so that you can get the specific job you want. Something that can help improve your skills as well as letting them flourish. You may wish to work for a specific company that approves of the designs you specialize in. Remember to read through the job descriptions and do your own research on the company.