Newchic Logo

Newchic logoNewchic Logo PNG is an online fashion retailer, which was established in Hong Kong in 2015. The e-store offers a wide range of men and women clothing and accessories for sale along with cosmetics, homeware, and maternity products. The e-commerce platform has a worldwide delivery and offers daily deals and sales.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the apparel online retailer is simple and clean. The logotype features two colors, that create a bright contrast, making the logo memorable and fresh.

The black and dark pink color palette symbolizes style and energy, reflecting a strong and confident brand, which is stable and serious and aims to provide its customers with the service of high quality.

Pink also represents style and fashion, while black accents on traditional elegance and classic beauty.

The company’s icon is composed of a monogram, executed in the same color scheme. The letter “N” in black is accompanied by a pink “C”, which is smaller and has a short pink underline.


The wordmark features two colors but is written using one typeface. The inscription is executed in the iconic sans-serif font, Futura Maxi, which is neat and accurate, yet evokes a sense of strength and solidness.

Newchic Logo

The nameplate looks light and fresh due to a lot of space inside and between the letters. This “airy” inscription looks good on a white background, showing the professionalism and attention of the company to details.


The online fashion retailer offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories for the whole family, including ladies’ dresses, swimwear and lingerie, men’s shirts and coats and baby apparel. There are also additional categories such as plus size fashion, shoes and bags, and accessories.

Besides affordable clothing and accessories, the website offers a decent assortment of beauty products, home textile and kitchenware, which makes the e-store a one-stop fashion destination for many customers.

The online retailer has a constantly updated sale section, where you can shop with up to 90% discount and get some items for just $1!

The company accepts various types of payments, including credit cards and PayPal, and ships all the orders internationally.