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Beautiful Halo is an online retailer of casual women’s fashion and lighting items, which was established in 214 in China. The website operates globally, offering a wide selection of clothing and accessories along with home and industrial lightings. The company serves international customers with worldwide delivery.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the clothing e-commerce platform is bright and memorable. The company’s logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem, replacing one of the letters.

The emblem is a silhouette of a lady, drawn in purple and green, which is accompanied by a black wordmark. The color palette of the retailer’s visual identity symbolizes creativity and success, accenting on the company’s unique character and professionalism.

Beautiful Halo Logo

The inscription is written in a custom script typeface, which looks playful and vivid, showing the platform’s essence and purpose.

For the icon, the company uses the same lady’s silhouette in purple and green without any lettering. This is a recognizable and bright symbol, which represents a modern and progressive e-commerce platform.


Besides fashion items for men and women, the website offers its customers to browse through a wide selection of interior lighting, which is split into four categories: home, industrial, modern and Tiffany lights.

This unusual combination of products makes the website stand out on the list of its competitors and gained millions of fans across the globe.

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The e-commerce platform offers the best deals on all their products for sale and can deliver your purchase to almost any country across the globe with the help of their reliable and reputable partners, such as DHL and FedEx.

As for the payment methods, the website accepts credit cards, PayPal and even western union money transfers, which makes shopping possible for everyone.