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Farmacia Loreto Gallo is an Italian online drug store, which offers a wide range of vitamins and supplements along with homeopathic and herbal products. The company, based near Naples, operates across the globe and has flexible shipment costs.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the online pharmacy is a representation of the company’s main aim — making all the people of the world healthy and happy. The logo, composed of a bright emblem with a wordmark, looks friendly and kind.

The two shades of green and white are the main colors of the drugstore’s color palette, which symbolize life, growth, and well-being. Green is also known to represent success and development, and that is exactly what the company does, providing their customers with new healthcare products every day.

The emblem of the pharmacy depicts two stylized silhouettes of people enclosed in an abstract oval frame. One figure features a darker shade of green, the second one — a lighter shade. Same with the oval — it is composed of two curved lines of two different colors. The emblem represents people and a healthy planet, evoking a sense of friendship, support, and unity.

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The wordmark is also executed in two colors, with a delicate tagline “In ogni momento della tua vita” (“In every moment of your life”) written in gray, which adds seriousness and professionalism to the visual identity.


The pharmacy’s nameplate in all capitals is executed in a bold and strong sans-serif typeface, which is pretty close to Town 10 Display Black, a font created by Jason Vanderberg in 2016. It boasts straight distinct lines with sharp angles and traditional letter cuts.

The typeface of the wordmark evokes a sense of stability, loyalty, and responsibility of the online drugstore, which aims to provide their customers with all the vitamins and supplements, needed to live their lives happy.


Farmacia Loreto Gallo Logo

The online pharmacy has a perfect reputation across the globe, as has been on the market for almost 20 years and always provided its customers with the products of the highest quality.

The company is mostly known for its supplements for the whole family, but it also sells gluten-free and special foods, oral hygiene items and herbal medications. There is also a big selection of items for kids available on the website, which includes child care products, clothing and footwear, and even toys.

As for the food section of the online store, it is full of gluten-free, low-calories and natural products, suitable for all the possible types of diets.

The website is available in four languages — Italian, English, Spanish and French, and is very easy to use and order through it. Everything is made for customer’s convenience here, as well as 24/7 online customer service and constant discounts and special offers running on the website.