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DHgate is an e-commerce business, which specializes in wholesale products from local manufacturers to retailers. The Chinese e-store was established in 2005 and today is one of the most prosperous online retailing projects in the world, delivering worldwide.

Meaning and history

DHgate logo

The visual identity of the huge online retailer is bright and juicy, due to the use of yellow color in it. The text-based logo of the company is easy yet playful and memorable.

The logo is composed of a wordmark, executed in three colors and three different styles: “DH” is gray, “Gate” in yellow and “.com” in black. The gray yellow and the black color palette is a combination of the three most important characteristics of the organization — reliability, energy, and confidence. Yellow also evokes a friendly and kind sense, making the whole logo dynamic and happy.

For the web and mobile app icon, the online retailer uses only a yellow and white color combination, which looks even brighter and happier than the original official logo. The white lettering, placed inside a yellow square with rounded angles evokes a sense of dynamic and joy, showing the customer as the biggest company’s value.

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The e-commerce platform’s visual identity is simple yet instantly recognizable. It is a perfect reflection of a professional company which values the quality of service and safety of their clients.


The wordmark, executed in three different fonts, looks modern and playful. The first, “Dh” part in capital letters is written in a bold and strict sans-serif typeface, which is close to Galix Black font, but with the letters located very near to each other.

The “Gate” part is the most ornate and elegant. Yellow inscription in the lowercase features a classic Times New Roman typeface with a sophisticated curved tail of the enlarged “G”.

The “.com” part of the nameplate also uses Times New Roman font, with its delicate and traditional serifs. But as it is written in black, it looks more modes than the “Gate” part and balances the whole inscription.


Being a Business2Business marketplace, DHgate offers a broad selection of wholesale options to consumers across the globe. Formed in 2004 by Diane Wang, who is still the company’s CEO, the online retail platform keeps growing and developing, trying to provide its customers with the best service.

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The company’s main aim is connecting buyers from all over the world with Chinese manufacturers and sellers who offer good quality products at a low price.

The online marketplace has a huge assortment of goods available, including men, women and kids apparel, beauty, health and cosmetics, baby goods and toys, electronic and electric appliances and smartphones, footwear and accessories, indoor and outdoor sports equipment.

Besides wholesale offers for small and medium businesses, the platform provides various technical support services and makes everything for their customers to get a safe and fast ordering experience.