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Simple, effective, iconic – the New Balance logo is an example of an emblem that helps to sell. It seems to be as timeless as the athletic footwear on which it is put. The logo has retained its basic structure and overall look for almost half a century.

New Balance Slogan
  • N is for fit.

  • achieve new balance.

  • Because shoes that fit better, perform better.

Meaning and history

New Balance logo history

The history of the brand dates back to 1906. It was established under the name of the New Balance Arch Support Company. It became known for its flexible arch supports, which offered greater balance and comfort in the shoe.

1972 – 2006

New Balance Logo 1972

Although the company was founded more than a century ago, it was only in 1972 that it introduced its first notable logo. At first glance, it may seem very much like the current logotype, although the moment you take a closer look you definitely notice the differences.
The first logo featured the initial letters of the two words comprising the company name, “N” and “B,” blended. There were twelve speed marks (or wings) slashed across the “N.” Due to this, the logo looked dynamic and acquired a sporty feel. The name of the brand was placed below the emblem.

2006 – 2008

New Balance Logo 2006
The symbol has gone through several subtle modifications. The most notable of them were connected with the color scheme and the number of the speed marks. There were only seven speed marks on the version of the logo introduced in 2006. In contrast to the original black-and-white logo, it featured the red “NB” and the black text “New Balance” below.

2008 – Today

New Balance logo
Two years later, the version with five speed marks made its debut. While it is typically used with the lettering “New Balance,” there’s also a version where only the letters “N” and “B” are featured.

Emblem author

Emblem New Balance

The original emblem was crafted by Terry Heckler, a prolific commercial designer and artist. Apart from the New Balance logo, he is known as the author of several well-known logos, from Cinnabon and Panera Bread to Starbucks, the ski equipment company K2, and the Seattle brewer Rainier Beer. He is also known as the person who named such brands as Starbucks, Encarta, Cinnabon, Teragren, and Palisade.


The typeface looks very much like ITC Avant Garde Gothic Demibold. The font family was created by Herb Lubalin for the Avant Garde magazine.


Color New Balance Logo

Although the color scheme has been modified throughout the New Balance logo history, it has always revolved around only three colors, red, black, and white. While the original logo was black-and-white, red was added later. Currently, there’re versions with the black-and-white and red-and-white color schemes.