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Elisabetta Franchi is an Italian fashion house owned by Betty Blue S.p.A. The line was founded in 1998 by Elisabetta Franchi and Sabatino Cennamo.

Meaning and history

Elisabetta Franchi logo

The Elisabetta Franchi logo bears an uncanny resemblance with the Chanel logo. The symbol can be described as the two Chanel’s “C’s” pulled apart and depicted in an angular style. However, the letters represented by the Elisabetta Franchi symbol are different, the “E” and “F.” So, you can also describe the design as the combination of the “E” and “F,” where the lower part of the glyphs has been removed, while the “E” was given in its mirror reflection.

The name of the brand can be seen below. It features a minimalist sans type with even stroke width and traditional proportions.