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Nautica Watches is a brand of luxury watches made in Italy. The first Nautica Watches collection, which was created thanks to a licensing agreement between Nautica Watches and Timex Group Luxury Watches, was introduced in 2008.

Meaning and history

Nautica Logo history

1988 – 2000

Nautica Logo 1988
The company name was printed using all lowercase letters that are closely spaced. The font chosen for this logo is very similar to Avionic Wide Book. It is accompanied by a drawing of yachts with striped sails on the left. Considering that the company’s name comes from the word “Naval” it is a great choice of symbolism The whole emblem is done in blue, being a perfect color for a sea-inspired logo. For a unique touch, the company made the dot above the “i” yellow. It was a perfect little detail that brightened up the whole image.

2000 – Today

Nautica Watches Logo
Both the clothing brand Nautica and the namesake watch brand share the same logo. It consists of the marine-inspired icon and the word “Nautica.”

In-house, they refer to the icon as the J-Class. This is because the logo was inspired by the J-Class yacht, a single-masted racing sailboat. This yacht is made according to the specifications of Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule and is known as the peak racer of its era.
On the Nautica logo, you can see the stylized sails of the J-Class yacht tilted to the right. The position of the sail adds dynamism and tension – you can assume that the yacht is now in the sea, and the wind is pushing it forward.


While the sans serif type looks simple and minimalist, it perfectly merges with the J-Class emblem and the nautical theme. The soft curves of the “C” and “U” are like the waves of the ocean, while the sharp angles of the “A’s” look like the sails. The proportions of the glyphs seem slightly wider than average, although, on the whole, they look legible and balanced.
Nautica Watches Emblem


The choice of the color – navy – seems to perfectly fit the marine theme of the Nautica Watches logo.