Zenith Logo

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Zenith Logo
The Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith experimented with various astronomy-inspired designs before opting for its current five-pointed star logo.

Meaning and history

Zenith Logo history

The company’s very first pocket chronograph, which was launched in 1899, had the word “Zenith” set on its face in block capitals. The letters were given in a classic serif type with generous breathing space between them. The onboard instruments the company started making in 1910 featured the brand name in a slightly different form but using the same typeface.
Later, the Zenith brand switched to a more modernistic sans serif font. The wordmark was still set in block capitals.
Several decades ago, the Zenith logo went through a profound update and has preserved virtually intact ever since. The name of the brand was still the basis of the emblem, but now it was combined with a five-pointed star (on the top) and the text “Swiss Watch Manufacture Since 1865” below.


Zenith brand
There’re two slightly different typefaces on the current wordmark. While both of them are rather clear sans serif fonts, the word “Zenith” is set in a wider type than the rest of the logo.


Zenith watch logo
The regular Zenith watch logo is black on the white background but may appear in varying color schemes when featured on watch faces depending on the background.