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Zenith Logo

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The Swiss luxury watchmaker Zenith experimented with various astronomy-inspired designs before opting for its current five-pointed star logo.

Meaning and history

Zenith Logo history

Compared to other famous watch brands, Zenith is the one with quite a lot of redesigns of the visual identity — there have been five different versions of the logo created for the brand throughout its history. And the original version has nothing in common with the one we all can see today.

1918 – 1990

Zenith Logo 1918

The very first visual identity try the concept of the brand was built around simple elegance — its capitalized serif-style logotype was placed on a light rectangular badge, having its confident yet elegant lines perfectly balanced in terms of spacing. There was also a metallic version of the logo when the wordmark was engraved on a thin silver banner.

1923 – 1954

Zenith Logo 1923

The redesign of 1923 completely changed the style of the Zenith logo, stylizing its wordmark as a “Zorro mark”, with the lines of the “Z” elongated and drawn as lighting bolts. There were also four thin lines crossing the inscription, which balanced the “Z” and added more sharpness to the image.

1954 – 1997

Zenith Logo 1954

The additional lines were removed and the letters of the wordmark — emboldened in 1954. The diagonal orientation of the logo was changed to a horizontal one, and the letters got placed closer to each other, creating a sense of solidness and fundamental approach.


Zenith logo

The flash “Z” was kept as the emblem of the brand, after another redesign, held in 1997. The new logo is composed of a lightweight gray “Zenith” lettering in the lowercase sans-serif typeface and is placed on the left from a bold red “Z” lighting bolt with its tail elongated to the right.

New Logo

Zenith logo


Zenith brand

There’re two slightly different typefaces on the current wordmark. While both of them are rather clear sans serif fonts, the word “Zenith” is set in a wider type than the rest of the logo.


Zenith watch logo

The regular Zenith watch logo is black on the white background but may appear in varying color schemes when featured on watch faces depending on the background.