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Comforcare, a provider of non-medical services for the population in need (mainly seniors and people with disabilities), was established in the United States in the middle of the 1990s, and today can be found not only all over the USA but also in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Meaning and history

Comforcare is a creation of Mark Armstrong, who saw the need in helping senior citizens and people with difficult health conditions in the middle of the 1990s. Even though Comforcare doesn’t provide medical-related services, but just helps people with simple everyday errands, it is still considered a healthcare organization, as it cares about people’s well-being and makes their life easier.

For the first five years the company has been operating in Michigan, and only in 2001 Comforcare started working in the franchise, which led it to a serious and fast expansion, and already in 2017, the business was acquired by the global company, Riverside Company, which opened the market of the United a kingdom for Comforcare.

Today the company not only helps senior citizens with their routine things, such as grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or grooming but also creates programs for special conditions, such as, for instance, Alzheimer’s.

What is Comforcare?
Comforcare is the name of an American company, which was established in 1996, and is focused on providing in-home services for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Founded in Michigan, today Comforcare operates all over the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

In terms of visual identity, Comforcare is very fresh and simple, with the minimalistic and clean logo evoking a sense of stability, transparency, and reliability. The logo of the company hasn’t been changed for years, and it is quite understandable.

???? – Today

Comforcare Logo

The Comforcare logo, executed in a black and sky-blue color palette, is a brilliant graphical representation of care and trustworthiness. The badge is composed of a solid blue emblem in a shape of a heart, with a curved left side and a playfully-sharpened bottom peak, and a minimalistic title-case inscription in a modern sans-serif typeface with arched elements in some of the characters. The first two characteristics that come to mind when you look at the Comforcare logo are tenderness and freshness, and these are exactly the things, the company tends to bring to its clientele.

Font and color

Comforcare Emblem

The clean medium-weight lettering from the primary logo of the Comforcare company is set in a modern sans-serif typeface with interesting contours of the lowercase characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Solomon Sans Normal, or Isidora Sans Medium, with some minor modifications of the character’s shapes.

As for the color palette of the Comforcare visual identity, it is based on a combination of black and light blue, with white usually used for the background. While black is the indicator of professionalism, stability, and seriousness of the business, blue here is accenting on the attention to people and the quality of the company’s services.

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