National League A (Switzerland) logo

Swiss National League logoNational League A (Switzerland) Logo PNG

Meaning and history

National League A
The history of the National League, which is Switzerland’s top hockey league, started in 1938. Over the following sixty years, the organization was known under the name of NDA.

1999 – 2009

Swiss National League Logo 1999
It was only in 1999 that it was named the National League A. Simultaneously, a new emblem was introduced. The old National League A logo featured a large stylized “A” and the full name of the league inside a red rectangular with rounded corners.

2009 – 2017

Swiss National League Logo 2009
In 2009, the emblem was updated. While the 1999 logo was flat, the new one adopted a 3D look due to the use of a gradient texture. It was applied to all the elements, including the emblem, the lettering, and the background.

2017 – Today

Swiss National League logo
The shape of the 2017 logo has more angles, making it technically a tall heptagon (seven corners). The colors changed to black with a silver frame around the edges. The symbol on top of the logo became smaller, unlike the text. The words ‘National League’ grew in size and took on a more relaxed, round sans-serif look.

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