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MyToolsTown is the name of a website, which provides different services connected to social media: from Instagram to TikTok. The platform offers its users various free tools for enhancing their profiles, along with SMS instruments and even social media analytics.

Meaning and history

MyToolsTown is an online social media-related service provider, which offers its users several free tools to improve and enhance the work of their social media profiles. The website offers such mechanisms as getting more followers and likes, along with a very useful profile analytics tool for Instagram users.

To use all the benefits offered by MyToolsTown you don’t even have to register, and of course, have to pay nothing. The service is absolutely free, and you can get the first visible results in just minutes after starting using it.

What is MyToolsTown?
MyToolsTown is an online platform, where anyone can get free tools for the improvement of his social media accounts. Here you can enlarge the number of followers and likes on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, with no registration and payment.

In terms of visual identity, MyToolsTown is cool and modern, yet does not overweight its website with graphics, and stays minimalist and laconic. Along with the primary logo, the platform also uses a small yet recognizable icon, in a completely different color palette.

2020 – Today

My Tools Town Logo

The primary MyToolsTown logo, which can be seen on all pages of the website, features cool modern lettering in a bold narrowed sans-serif typeface, set in white color on a blue background, and enclosed into a horizontally oriented rectangular frame. The “Y” and “L” of the inscription have their lines a bit elongated and overlapping the frame, which adds uniqueness to the whole composition.

As for the icon of the website, it is designed in the grass-green color palette, with the smooth and elegant capital “M” in circular engraved on a solid green circle. The emblem looks fresh and young, evoking a sense of progressiveness and reliability of the platform.

Font and color

The My Tools Town logotype is set in both uppercase and lowercase letters, which look pretty well-balanced. Two of the lowercases, cross the rectangular frame of the logo, while the third only created a “finishing point” of the whole inscription, the bold and narrowed sans-serif font of the lettering is of a custom design, but some of the symbols look pretty close to such typefaces as Industrial Gothic Pro Double Line and Std Single Line of the same family. The font is very neat and clean, although it also evokes a sense of stability and strength due to the use of thick lines and their straight classic cuts.
As for the color palette of the My Tools Town logo, it is built on a combination of the medium hues of blue and white, with a pleasant and delightful contrast, which catches an eye, and evokes light and happy feelings. Besides, blue is the color that is usually associated with professionalism and stability of business, and innovative technologies, this is why it is the color that is most commonly used for the visual identity of technological companies. As for the white, it always adds a sense of transparency and loyalty, evoking such feelings and trustworthiness and reliability. Overall, these two shades work brilliantly together and create a very confident and at the same time fresh and modern look.