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The 13 teams constituting the athletic program of the Mississippi Valley State University are nicknamed the Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils and Devilettes.

Meaning and history

MVSU Delta Devils Logo history

While the old MVSU Delta Devils logo introduced in 2002 is almost tolerable, the current one looks by far more professional. From the other hand, it is also rather commonplace, while the previous one appeared more unique.

The old logo featured a stylized devil with a wicked expression on his face. The creature was “holding” a flame in his palm. Below, the large word “Devils” in orange could be seen, while the word “Delta” in green was given in smaller letters.

The current MVSU Delta Devils logo, which was introduced in 2007, is based on the letters “V” and “S” placed one in front of the other. On the forefront, there is the banner housing the full name of the team.

MVSU Delta Devils basketball

MVSU Delta Devils basketball logo

The women’s team of the Mississippi Valley State University, the Delta Devilettes, is coached by Jessica Kern. While they have not made the NCAA Tournament so far (as of 2019), they competed in the 2012 WNIT.

The men’s basketball team have played in the NCAA Tournament five times and appeared in the 2007 National Invitation Tournament. The head coach is Lindsey Hunter.

MVSU Delta Devils Colors

HEX COLOR: #00703C;
RGB: (0, 112, 60)
CMYK: (89, 31, 97, 21)

HEX COLOR: #E51937;
RGB: (229, 25, 55)
CMYK: (4, 100, 83, 1)

HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)