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Microlab, a renowned global manufacturer of multimedia speakers and audio equipment, is dedicated to delivering high-quality sound solutions for both home and professional use. Founded by Tang Jialiang, Microlab has grown into a respected name in the audio industry, recognized for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence. The company operates internationally, with a significant presence in various markets across the globe, including Asia, Europe, and North America. Microlab’s mission is to enhance the audio experience of its customers through advanced technology and superior product design, making high-fidelity sound accessible to everyone.

Meaning and history

Microlab was established in 1998 by Tang Jialiang, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for audio technology. The company’s inception was driven by a desire to create high-quality, affordable audio equipment that could rival the performance of more expensive brands. Over the years, Microlab has achieved numerous milestones, solidifying its reputation as a leader in the audio industry.

One of the company’s earliest achievements was the development of the FC series, a line of high-performance speakers that quickly gained popularity for their exceptional sound quality and innovative design. This success was followed by the introduction of the Solo series, which further established Microlab’s position in the market. The Solo series was praised for its robust build and clarity of sound, attracting audiophiles and professionals alike.

Throughout its history, Microlab has continuously invested in research and development, ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of audio technology. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its extensive range of products, which includes everything from compact portable speakers to advanced home theater systems. Microlab’s dedication to quality has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, cementing its status as a trusted name in the industry.

Today, Microlab is a global brand with a strong presence in over 80 countries. The company’s products are widely available through a network of distributors and retailers, making high-quality audio equipment accessible to a broad audience. Microlab continues to push the boundaries of audio technology, consistently introducing new and improved products that cater to the evolving needs of its customers. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Microlab remains a dominant force in the world of audio equipment.

What is Microlab?
Microlab is a global manufacturer of multimedia speakers and audio equipment, renowned for its high-quality sound solutions. Founded by Tang Jialiang in 1998, the company has achieved significant milestones in audio technology and maintains a strong international presence.

1998 – Today

Logo Microlab

The Microlab logo is bright and energetic, due to the use of intense red color for the background.

The brightness of the color is balanced by the fine delicate lines of the wordmark’s typeface. The nameplate is written in white, using only lowercase letters.

Another important element of the logo is its tagline “Just listen”, which uses the same font as the wordmark. It is slightly smaller and thinner and has a graphical image above the letter “i” — the dot and two lines, symbolizing sound.

The Mircolab logo is stylish and modern in its simplicity. It shows the brand as innovative, active, energetic and strong.

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