Movistar Logo

Movistar Logo

The logo of Spain’s largest mobile phone operator Movistar looks modern, friendly and recognizable, with its simple curves and minimalistic structure.

Movistar logo meaning and history

Movistar logo history

The original logo introduced in 1995 featured the company name with two capital letters: “M” and “S.” Although the capital “S” broke the word into two parts, there was no space between them, so it was a single word. There was a star above the “i” and a stylized “T” representing the Telefónica company, the owner of Movistar.

Old logo Movistar (1999-2004)

Old logo Movistar

In the following version of the emblem, the “T” disappeared, while all the rest remained unchanged, including the color palette (teal and gold). While the 1999 redesign seemed to “forget” about Telefónica, the following version put an emphasis on it by featuring the whole company name.

The 2004 and 2010 symbols Movistar

symbols Movistar

In 2004, the logo went through a complete overhaul, as the result of which the iconic “M” emblem appeared. The 2010 modification made the letter flatter, although it still retained a pronounced 3D effect.

The 2017 emblem Movistar

emblem Movistar

In 2017, the “M” emblem was updated by the Lambie-Nairn design agency. As Telefónica explains, the new logo is supposed to reflect the “new business challenges and company positioning.” The official press-release also mentions that it better suits the new digital environment.

What has actually happened to the logo is that the “M” has become flat. Also, the color scheme now includes bright shades of light blue and green on the white background. For Movistar, the simplified “M” seems to be what swoosh is to Nike. The 2017 redesign left the wordmark almost unchanged, with several minor modifications, which can be explained by the fact that it works well with the updated “M.”

Font of the Movistar Logo

Font Movistar Logo

The grotesque sans serif typeface featured on the Movistar logo bears some resemblance to the FF Max Book font, although the wordmark has probably been drawn by hand rather than based on a font.

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