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The logo of the Italian company Alpinestars seems to have been inspired by the tricky tracks conquered by its customers.

Meaning and history

Alpinestars Logo history

Alpinestars was established in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo in Asolo, Italy. Originally, the firm manufactured hiking and ski boots. Over time, the range grew wider, and it now included boots for motocross racing and road racing boots. Today, Alpinestars is among well-known manufacturers of clothing and protective gear for motorsports and action sports.

The Alpinestars logo is pretty intricate. Its centerpiece is the emblem combining the lowercase letter “a” with a star. The two elements merge together to form a single symbol. Next to it, there is the writing “Alpinestars” featuring a playful, unusual type. The letters are lowercase and italicized. They are squeezed very close to each other and overlap in many places. While this damages the legibility of the logo, it also adds a distinctive touch. There seems to be some connection with the adrenaline rush characteristic of motorsports and action sports.

1963 – 1979

Alpinestars Logo 1963

Photos from the company’s archives showcase a completely different version of the Alpinestars logo. Here, the name of the brand is given in a somewhat simper type that is not italicized. Interestingly, the overlapping effect present in the current logo can be seen in the old version, too.

2000 – Today

Alpinestars Logo
In 2000, AlpineStars renovated their old logo by bleaching the wordmark, outlining it in black, tilting the letters and adding a new emblem. The latter was a white star with black framing stretched to the right and with a small ‘a’ instead of the two left tips.