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Mou is a shoe brand founded in London’s Portobello Road in 2002 by Shelley Tichborne. The list of best-known products includes the antelope cowboy boot, calfskin slipper, eskimo, blizzard, and goatskin nanuk.

Meaning and history

Mou Logo

The design forces behind the Mou logo managed to create an emblem that is both minimalist and memorable – the result that is not easily achieved. Also, it reflects the brand’s core message: “Live simply. Love nature.”

The type itself looks friendly with its rounded and utilitarian glyphs. The tails of the “m” and “u” were removed leaving only the strokes essential for identifying the letters. What makes the design unique, though, is the shape inside the letter “O.” It looks very natural due to its unevenness.

What is Mou?
Mou is a fashion company known for its luxury footwear. Based in London, it offers a range of stylish and cozy boots made with premium materials. Mou’s distinctive designs have gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts worldwide.