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Vibram is a labor of Italian footwear manufacturer, which was established in 1935. The brand was focused on mountain and hiking boots at the beginning of its history, and today produces casual footwear which gets more and more popular across the globe.

Meaning and history

Vibram logo

The Vibram visual identity is strong and sharp. The brand’s logo is composed of a wordmark enclosed in a hexagon frame. The wordmark is executed in a custom modern typeface with sharp angles and cursive letter connections.

All the letters of the nameplate are connected with each other, except the first “V”. The letters “B” and “A” feature a perfect circle inside, and it balances the strict lines of other letters.

The black outline of the inscription is accompanied by the black framing, which is twice thicker.

Vibram emblem

Placed on a golden-yellow background the lettering looks strong and remarkable. The yellow and black color combination evokes a joyful and pleasant feeling, reflecting the energetic and confident company, which values its heritage, but is based on progress and looks into the future with curiosity and interest.