Most Famous Logos With a Heart

Most famous logos with a heartIn the modern world of advertising, we got used to seeing all the possible kinds of logo designs on the streets, in stores, and especially on the Internet. Companies and brands from different countries compete in ingenuity, adapting classic symbols to their unique design, or creating figures and lines that distinguish them from their competitors.

In this article, we will talk about the brands that have chosen the heart symbol for their logos. As we know, it is primarily a reflection of love and caring. The heart is associated with gentle women’s brands or companies associated with health and the improvement of human life and wellbeing. Below in alphabetical order, we have compiled a list of the most famous logos with the image of the heart on them, and you can see that on many of the emblems the heart has a whole new meaning.

Kingdom Hearts

Logo Kingdom HeartsThe series of video games, Kingdom Hearts, has a dark  gothic style logo in black and gray, with the bold edgy lettering as the central element. The inscription in gradient gray is outlined in black and placed on a white background with a light gray heart drawn on it. On top of the flat contoured heart, there is a small sharp crown, drawn in light silver-gray gradients, which make it look voluminous. The badge looks very dramatic and sharp.


Logo MerciMerci is a brand of chocolates, which was created with the idea of making gifts to your loved ones and thanking them for being by your side. The name of the brand is translated from French as “Thank You”. The logo of Merci chocolates is composed of a bold lowercase logotype in an elegant typeface, with the voluminous letters colored in gradient gold, and the dot above the “I” replaced by an elegant red heart with some dark gradient on the right side.

Good Humor

Logo Good HumorThe visual identity of one of America’s oldest brands of ice cream, Good Humor, also has a heart in it. The double contoured heart in red and white is drawn in one line, with the inner tail slightly curved, adding playfulness to the image. The heart is drawn on the roof of a red ice-cream truck, which has a bold white logotype written over it on two levels. The badge is accompanied by two red silhouettes of kids, who follow the truck.

American Heart Association

Logo American Heart AssociationThere are some organizations and companies, where the depiction of a heart on the logo is more than logical. One of those names is the American Heart Association. The heart here is set in solid red, with a white torch and red flame coming out of it. There is no hidden meaning in this badge, just direct obvious things, connected to the activity of the organization.

British Heart Foundation

Logo British Heart FoundationAnother healthcare organization, directly connected to heart issues is the British Heart Foundation. The heart of its logo is drawn with a bold white line over a solid red background, right above the two-leveled lettering in bold sans-serif title case. The line of the heart’s contour starts at the left part of the badge, waving to the center, going up, and finishing at the right border of the frame, with the same waves as on the left.


Logo DocMorrisDocMorris is a German chain of pharmacies, which has stores all over the country. The company also uses a heart symbol for its visual identity but draws it in three shades of green, a commonly known color of health, new life, and wellbeing. The hears here features an interesting swirl pattern( and is set on the left from the dark green serif lettering, where the upper bars of the “R”s, the “C” and the dot above the “I” feature solid circles, just like the one in the center of the emblem.


Logo IGtoolsIGtools is an online platform, which helps Instagram users gain more likes and followers. Hence, the visual identity of the service features a heart as one of the elements, as the heart is the Instagram equivalent of the “Like”. Set in the color palette, resembling the shades of the famous social media, purple-to-orange gradients, the badge of IGtools has a pink heart set on a white background inside a circular frame with four rounded horizontal lines stretched to the left. The emblem is followed by the lowercase lettering in the same palette.


Logo HeartOn the logo of the Heart company, the symbol replaced the letter “A” in a cool and stylization lowercase logotype, set in bold red letters with clean contours and straight cuts of the lines. The heart is connected to the letter “E” on its left. The “E” has its upper part set diagonally, making a parallel line with the rounded edge of the contour of the heart-letter. The logo looks very modern and sleek, executed professionally, and evokes a sense of excellence and contemporary elegance.


Logo FanslyFansly is a relatively new online platform, where users can sell their own content on a subscription basis. As the platform is used mainly for the r- and x-rated photos and videos, the visual identity of Fansly is based on symbols, which reflect it best. The logo of the service features an image of a heart, stylized as a lock, which means all your personal files will stay locked unless you want to show them, or unless you’ve been paid for them. The badge is set in a light-blue and white color palette, which also represents security and reliability.


Logo PolarThe primary badge of the Scandinavian manufacturer of sports equipment does now have a heart in it, although the logotype is executed in the red and black color palette, the extended version of the logo has a bold narrowed sans-serif “Listen To Your Heart” tagline, where the word “Heart” is replaced by a solid red graphical heart symbol. The red graphical element supports the red “O” in the main line of the badge and points to the company’s values.

Heart of Dallas Bowl

Logo Heart of Dallas BowlThe visual identity of the annual intercollegiate football game, Heart of Dallas Bowl, has a small light-blue heart, set in the negative space of the letter “D”. This is not the most noticeable element on the badge, and this makes it more interesting, as, from the name of the Bowl, anyone would expect the logo to be built around a huge bright heart shape. And here it is just a secondary element, complementing the bold white lettering.


Logo YouPornOne of the world’s most famous online platforms, YouPorn, also uses a heart in its logo, as a symbol of love and affection. The contoured pink heart here replaced the letter “O” in the uppercase logotype, with its first, “You”, part drawn in black, and the second, “Porn”, — in pink. The inscription is set on a plain white background, with no additional elements. It looks simple and modest, although represents the purpose and essence of the platform.

Jojo Siwa

Logo Jojo SiwaJoJo Siwa is a famous American YouTuber and Dancer. Her logo is based on her name, written in two lines of a custom cursive typeface, set in gradient pink-to-purple shades. The bottom line of the lettering is decorated by two solid five-pointed stars, set on the sides, while the upper, “JoJo” line, is slightly enlarged and has the tails of both letters “J” curved, forming two hearts. It looks very feminine and bright, evoking friendly and kind feelings.

Stella McCartney

Logo Stella McCartneyStella McCartney is a luxury fashion brand, which is specialized in clothes and accessories for women. All the elements of the brand’s badge, including the graphical part and the logotype, are drawn in small black dots. The logotype is set in all capitals with the letters having modern sans-serif contours, while the emblem is composed of a small delicate heart with the elongated line going down and leaving the contour of the element opened.

Southwest Airlines

Logo Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines, an air carrier from the United States, also has a heart on its logo. It is a classically shaped element, which is placed on the right from the bold and stable blue lettering in the title case of a solid and massive sans-serif typeface. The heart is drawn in a slightly smaller size than the characters of the wordmark, and features a pattern of three diagonal lines in yellow, red, and blue, with each segment separated from another by a thin white line.


Logo WeHeartItWeHeartIt is the name of social media, which was established in the United States and is based on photos and graphical content. “Heart” here is not only a part of the name, or an emblem, but also a graphical representation of the people’s reaction to the content seen. The logo of the social media is based on the bold gray logotype, set in the lowercase of a modern and heavy sans-serif typeface, with the world “Hearts” replaced by the graphical heart symbol in gradient pink-to-orange.


Logo NandosNandos is a South African chain of fast-food restaurants, which has its menu based on chicken and its visual identity — on its stylized image. The black rooster is drawn in a cool African style with white and red elements, and a solid red heart is placed in the center of its black body. The red fragments of the graphical emblem are supported by the bold solid lettering in the same shade of red. The inscription is set under the black and red rooster.

Blugirl Folies

Logo Blugirl FoliesBlugirl Folies is a brand of women’s clothing, with its collections usually featuring feminine silhouettes and bright colors. The logo of the brand is set in black and white, with the “Folies” part enlarged and emboldened, and the negative space of the letter “O” replaced by a white hand-drawn heart with a white arrow crossing it diagonally, in the upright direction.


Logo iHeartRadioIHeartRadio is the name of the online streaming platform, which was created in the United States. The service is owned by a company, with a similar name, iHeartMedia. The logo of the Radio is composed of a bold white letter “I”, resembling an abstract figure of a person, set on a solid red heart, with the white rounded brackets placed on the left and the right from the solid white dot. The emblem is complemented by a two-leveled inscription with the name of the radio, set in black and gray.

Polly Pocket

Logo Polly PocketPolly Pocket is a British brand of toys, owned by the famous Mattel Group. As the line is mostly composed of dolls, its main audience is the girls from all over the globe, hence the visual identity of the brand has a bright elegant heart in it. In the Polly a pocket logo the heart replaced the letter “O” in the “Polly”. The badge is executed in white and purple, with the bottom line written in light blue, and the golden heart making up the brightest accent on the badge.

Thomas Cook

Logo Thomas CookThomas Cook is the name of a travel agency, which was established in the United States. The visual identity of the company is executed in a gradient-gold and black color palette, with the stylized bright golden heart as the main element. The heart here is set in smooth rounded lines and placed on the left from the simple sans-serif lettering. It can also be seen above the wordmark, and in this case, the heart is enlarged and looks even stronger.

FIBA 2023 WorldCup

Logo FIBA2023WorldCupThe visual identity of the Basketball World Cup, which will take place in 2023 in Asia, is also built around the heart symbol. Here the heart in red, white, and blue, is set horizontally on the top of the logo, with the sharp part pointing to the left. The heart also features an image of a golden trophy, crossing it vertically and being overlapped by a white tail of an internal heart, on its right. The logo looks very bright and memorable.

University of Wisconsin

Logo University of WisconsinThe University of Wisconsin – Madison has a very classic and traditional logo, with a heart inscribed into a bold ornate golden frame with thin black outlines. The heart here is tall and narrow, with its upper part almost flat, this is why you don’t usually see the Heart when looking at this logo. The emblem is placed above the two-leveled inscription and has a bold sharp letter “W” written on it in white, in a custom serif typeface.


Logo KonplottThe logo of the jewelry brand, created by the designer Miranda Kondtantinidou, has many interesting elements, inscribed into a double frame in a shape of a vertically oriented oval. The central part of the badge boasts a large stylized grid silhouette, with a thin light heart, drawn in a contour in its center. The heart features a slightly narrowed and vertically stretched shape and is executed in the color of the logo’s background.


Logo DSWDDSWD is an abbreviation, standing for the Department of Social Welfare and Development, a governmental organization in the Philippines. The logo of the department features an interesting geometric composition, with two stylized hands in solid blue holding an enlarged red heart in scarlet-red. The whole image is set on a white background and enclosed into a square yellow frame with rounded angles at the bottom and straight ones on top.


Logo EurovisionThe official badge of Europe’s most famous song contest, Eurovision, has a heart symbol set in the center of the inscription, replacing the capital letter “V”. Executed in a fancy handwritten font, in black lines, the wordmark looks sleek and elegant, and the heart only elevated these qualities. The negative space of the Eurovision heart is usually colored as the flag of the country, where the contest takes place.

My Little Pony

Logo My Little PonyThe visual identity of the famous franchise for girls, My Little Pony, also has a heart as one of the main symbols. It is set in white with a bold purple outline, above the letters “P” and “O” on the second line of the badge’s lettering. There are also two small solid hearts in purple, set in the negative spaces of the same letters in the “Pony” wordmark. The whole badge is executed in a white and purple color palette and decorated by a rainbow in various shades of pink and purple, set above the lettering.


Logo PampersThe world’s most famous diapers manufacturer, Pampers, takes care of babies, and shows it in its visual identity, placing a stylized yellow heart above the light smooth lettering in sky-blue. The heart here also stands for the sun, with four short light rays coming out of it on the upper right part. The logo looks very lively and delightful, evoking a sense of kindness and caress. The color palette also represents the softness of the brand’s products and their reliability.


Logo CloverThe clover emblem from the badge of the company of the same name is formed by four hearts, standing for the petals. Each heart is set in one of the following colors: pink, blue, green, and yellow, and has its body painted solidly. The bright and intense emblem is balanced by medium-weight lettering in dark gray, with the lowercase letters set in a modern and laconic sans-serif typeface.


Logo ApinkApink is the name of a South Korean girls-band, which also uses an image of a heart in its logo. Apart from the “pink” part of the music band’s name, the only color in its visual identity’s palette, the logo features an abstract framing in a shape of a heart, with the figure formed by the elongated lines of some letters. The heart here has its contour open on both left and right.


Logo HeartbrandHeart brand is one of the Unilever brands, specialized in the production of ice cream. The brand is known all over the globe, as well for its bright yet laconic red and white logo with a swirly heart, drawn in a thick red line over a white background. The line creates two hearts — one inside another and has both of its tails softly sharpened. The logo looks bright and strong, showing the company as a professional and confident one.

General Mills

Logo General MillsThe logo of the American food brand is executed in a stylish and classic blue and red color palette, with both the emblem and the two-leveled lettering in a bold sans-serif font, set over a white background. The emblem of the company features a stylized cursive monogram, drawn in a thick curved blue line, with the solid red heart set above it, shifted to the right.


Logo LensCraftersLensCrafters is a North American chain of stores, which offer eyewear and sunglasses. The company has more than a thousand stores all over the United States, Canada, and internationally, and its logo is widely recognized. The badge of the chain is composed of stylish black lettering in a custom modern font with thin lines and slightly visible serifs on their ends, and two graphical symbols, which can be placed on the right from the inscription, or above it. The symbols are a solid red heart and an abstract eye with eyelashes, drawn in sky-blue, white, and black.

McKamey Animal Center

Logo McKamey Animal CenterMcKamey Animal Center, also known as simple MAC, is a shelter for animals in the United States, where people do their best to help abandoned and sick pets. The logo of the organization is formed by a graphical emblem and two-leveled lettering, written on the right. The emblem features a solid dark-green silhouette of a house with a dog paw in light pink set over it. The paw has its main part drawn as a heart, turned upside-down.


Logo Roxy

Roxy is a brand of surf and snowboard apparel for women and girls, hence its logotype combines both the extreme and the feminine aspects of the brand’s core idea. It is a white heart, created in the negative space between two stylized hands in black, which hold two triangles with the abstract depiction of a snowy mountain on each. The mountains are set diagonally, with the peaks pointing up in the center, and also create a geometric heart shape.


Logo AetnaThe logo of the American insurance company features an image of a geometrically stylized heart, set on the left from the bold lowercase inscription. Both elements of the badge’s design are set in a bright purple color, evoking a sense of reliability and confidence. The heart here reflects its direct meaning, as the company is mostly known for its health insurance plans.

Stranger Live Logo

Stranger Live is an application, built to give people an opportunity to find new friends, and probably even some romantic relationships. And this romantic side is reflected in its mobile app icon. The badge of the application is set in a smooth and bright pink and white color palette, with the small white heart placed above the solid white geometric camera with straight lines and angles. This edginess of the camera is balanced by the smooth lines of the heart and the rounded angles of the icon itself.


Logo AirbnbThe famous holiday apartment service Airbnb also uses a heart symbol for its visual identity, although here it is not that obvious. The heart of the Airbnb logo is turned upside down and looks like a stylized contoured letter “A”, standing for the first letter in the service’s name. The emblem and the sans-serif lowercase logotype are both set in a soft shade of pink, a color of love and attention, which brilliantly supports the abstract heart symbol.

I Love New York

Logo I Love New YorkThe symbol of the New York City, which is known by people from all over the globe is the black “I Love New York” lettering with the word “Love” replaced by a solid red heart. The heart is set on the top line, at the Igor from the black “I” and above the black “NY” set in a rounded serif font, in a typewriter-style. The simplicity of design and color palette has made this logo truly iconic and instantly recognizable.

Belarusian Oposition

Logo Belarusian OpositionThe visual identity of the Belarusian Opposition features a color hand-drawn design, with the concept built around three symbols — a heart, a fist, and a hand showing a victory sign with two fingers. It should be read as it is: the opposition is for love and unity, fights and victory. The badge is executed in black bold contours, with the heart colored in red, and two other elements having thin red lines around their perimeters.

CVS Health

Logo CVS HealthAnother health-related organization with the heart symbol on its logo of CVS Health, an American company, which owns a chain of pharmacies all over the country. The logo of the company is composed of a solid red heart, with geometric contours, followed by an extra-bold red “CVS” and a black lightweight “Health” written in the title case of a full-shaped serif font. The bold red sans-serif capitals balance the massive heart emblem, while the black serif characters add a touch of professionalism and trustworthiness.


Logo NYXThe famous make-up brand, NYX cosmetics, has a solid small heart, supporting its modern bold logotype in solid black. The heart is placed under the vertical bar of the letter “Y”, in the very middle of the badge, and above the lightweight sans-serif “Professional Makeup” tagline, set in a traditional sans-serif font. The heart softens the futuristic shapes of the letters in the top line of the badge, and adds a feminine touch, as all products of the company are made for women in the first place.


Logo XOThe bold and minimalist logo of the record label, established by the famous musician The Weeknd, has a tiny hand-drawn heart in it. The symbol is set in the upper part of the badge, between the top segments of the two uppercase letters. Executed in a black-and-white color palette, the badge can be drawn in white lines over the black background, and vice versa.

Luisa Spagnoli

Logo Luisa SpagnoliThe heart of the logo of the fashion brand Luisa Spagnoli is not what you pay attention to at the first glance. It is formed by an extra-thin elongated tail of the letter “L”, merging into the vertical bar of the lowercase “S” in “Luisa” and the uppercase “S” in the “Spagnoli”. The line is very delicate and sophisticated, and the heart is beautifully inscribed into a feminine elegant concept of the logo, based on cursive lettering with lines and loops of different thicknesses.

CVS Pharmacy

Logo CVS PharmacyThe pharmacies of the CVS Health chain have their logo, with the same geometric heart symbol, and same uppercase “CVS” lettering in the extra-bold sans-serif, but instead of the black title case “Health”, this logo features a red lowercase “Pharmacy”, executed in a traditional sans-serif typeface, and placed on a small distance from the bold part of the logo. The red-on-white CVS Pharmacy badge looks warm and friendly.

Pure Romance

Logo Pure RomancePure Romance is a brand of sex toys and accessories for women, that’s why the logo of the company is 100% feminine. Set in a pink and white color palette, the badge has a stylized heart, made up of a smooth ribbon, and placed above the uppercase delicate lettering, as the main element. The heart here is wide and bold, and looks tender and soft, evoking a sense of comfort, which is one of the main characteristics of the brand’s products, and one of the main aims of the company.


Logo TrainlineThe online platform for buying train tickets, Trainline, has the heart on its logo stylized and drawn in a manner, which reflects the purpose of the application best. It is composed of two curved lines, which leave the contour of the heart open and remind of the rails, or a route map. The emblem is set in the calm turquoise shade, which is supported by the bold lowercase logotype in a traditional sans-serif, written in the same color.


Logo BadooBadoo is an online dating service, which helps people find their love. Although the heart is the most logical symbol for the logo of the brand in this sphere, Badoo stylized it and made it more modern. The heart of the Badoo logo has its bottom line softened and rounded and is embellished with a white smiley line, set over its solid purple background.


Logo MunchkinMunchkin is an American company, which is specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of products for kids and toddlers. The brand is all about love and care, and this is what you can see in its logo. The Munchkins badge is composed of a bold lowercase logotype in a modern sans-serif typeface, with each letter drawn in a different color. The dot above the orange “I” is replaced by a contoured heart in red and white, set diagonally, with the pointed side looking to the down left corner of the logo.


Logo GoDaddyAfter the recent redesign, the famous domain registration platform has adopted a new emblem, which resembles a heart. The emblem of the company is composed of the letter “G” and “O”, which are set diagonally, slanted to the center from the sides, forming a stylized contoured heart in light turquoise. The emblem is balanced with a stable bold logotype, set in a traditional sans-serif font, in the same shade of turquoise.

Polk Audio

Logo Polk AudioThe American manufacturer of audio equipment, based in California, also uses a heart as the main graphical element of its logo. The small solid white symbol is drawn over a solid red circular emblem, placed on the left from the modern black sans-serif lettering in the lowercase. The logo looks very powerful and stylish despite the use of the feminine symbol. Here the heart is progressive and cool.


Logo BurlingtonThe heart on the logo of the American clothing retailer Burlington is not the only graphical element and the brand’s signifier, set on its icon. The diagonally placed symbol with a bold pink outline and a white negative space also replaces the first letter of the inscription, the “B”. It looks cool and unique, making the retailer recognizable. The lettering, following the emblem, is written in the same shade of pink, and executed in a bold and elegant serif typeface.

Heart of Midlothian

Logo Heart of MidlothianHeart of Midlothian is a professional football club from Scotland, which has the “Heart” not only in its name but also in its logo. The badge of the club features a heart shape, with the main part set in dark red, the outline in yellow, the internal frame in light gray, and the lettering on the badge in yellow. The central element of the club’s logo is a contoured football in red and yellow, enclosed into a super-wide frame, formed by three brick layers in gray and red. The same bricks, but with a more square shape, make up the internal gray framing of the badge.


Logo EtsyThe visual identity of Etsy, an e-commerce platform, is set in a warm and energetic orange and white color palette and features a heart as the main graphical element. The heart here is set diagonally, with its sharp bottom part pointing down-right. On the calm and intense orange body of the main element, the white “Etsy” in a softened typewriter serif font is set diagonally, from the bottom left to the upper right corners direction. The badge looks simple, but very kind and welcoming, brilliantly reflecting the “handmade” focus of the platform.


Logo LazadaLazada is a large e-commerce company, owned by Alibaba Group, and its power and confidence are perfectly depicted in the logo of the platform. The Lazada badge is composed of a stylized geometric heart emblem in gradient shades from orange to purple and fuchsia, drawn three-dimensionally, on the left from the simple yet stable and strong dark blue logotype, executed in the title case of a modern geometric sans-serif font, where the lines of the letters have clean contours and straight cuts.

Heart with Eyes Logo

Comme des Garçons

Logo Comme des Garçons

Comme des Garçons is a luxury fashion brand from France, which is known for the edgy design of its super-stylish casual clothing. The brand mostly has its collections executed in the black and white color palette, so its logo, based on a solid red hand-drawn image of a heart with two eyes, looks great on the tags and as embroidery on the Comme des Garçons garments. The logo of the fashion label is composed of a red heart emblem, placed above or on the left of the bold black lettering in a clean medium-weight sans-serif typeface, with the “Ç” stylized as a “C” with “*” under it, and all letter but the “des” set in the uppercase.