GoDaddy Logo

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GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy is an online platform, specialized in selling and hosting domains. The website was launched in 1997 and today has over 18 million users worldwide. GoDaddy is one of the most popular domain registrar companies.

Meaning and history

GoDaddy Logo history

The GoDaddy visual identity, redesigned in 2020, is modern and elegant. It reflects the progressive and dynamic company, leaving a lot of space for imagination.

The GoDaddy logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem on its left. The inscription is executed is a strong sans-serif typeface, which has distinct and neat lines. The only unique element of the GoDaddy lettering is the “G”. The first letter features an arrow on the end of its tail, which symbolizes the progressive and innovative approach of the company.

The GoDaddy emblem is formed from two letters, “G” and “O”, having similar oval shapes and overlapping each other. The letters form and abstract heart-shape figure, which the company uses in various stylizations in their advertising animated videos.

GoDaddy Logo

The GoDaddy color palette is turquoise on white; which is a symbol of energy, creativity, and good luck. Turquoise also stands for friendship and loyalty, two qualities, which are important for GoDaddy.