River Island Logo

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River Island Logo
The high street fashion brand River Island is well-known not only in the UK where it is based. Its logo is on more than 350 stores in the UK and in a number of countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, so it is recognizable.

Meaning and History logo

River Island Logo history

The brand owned by the Lewis family was founded by Bernard Lewis in 1948 in London. At first it was a small shop bearing the trading name of Lewis Separates and it didn’t deal with clothing at all.
Then there were a number of Chelsea Girl and Concept Man boutiques, and their logo was famous. From 1965 to 1988 the company’s brand identity was the wordmark “Chelsea Girl” written in all caps in black and a heart shape in bright red color next to the letter “L”.
River Island logo
The symbol of 1981-1988 featured the same elements but the whole imagery was significantly modified. It became more elegant due to the stylized tilted font and the use of black color.

The New Emblem

River Island emblem
The brand got its present name River Island and a new logo in 1988. The River Island logo features only the name of the brand. It is written in upper case. The typeface is bold and straight and belongs to the sans serif family. The logo reflects the tendency characteristic of the brand ‒ to be stylish and quality. It is simple, without any excessive elements.