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Monster Inc. is an animated movie, produced by Pixar in 2001. It’s one of the most popular and iconic products of this studio, with the sequel called Monster University being released in 2013. The plot follows two monster friends who work in a factory that harvests the screams of children – to gain these, they travel to the human dimension.

Meaning and History

The movie came out in 2001, and the primary design of the logotypes and other artistic elements was that they were usual shapes, but with random eyes and fangs. The whole premise of the movie is that monsters in it have all sorts of shapes with just basic eyes. The main emblem is just the letter ‘M’ with an eye in its center.

What is Monsters Inc?

Monsters Inc. is an animated movie, created by Pixar and released by Disney in 2001. The story is about two monster friends Sulley and Mike, who work in an energy company, called Monsters Inc. The energy in in this world is harvested from the screams of children.

2001 – today

Monsters Inc Logo

The original logo is a wordmark that spells the name of the brand in bold, light blue letters. The font was a pretty basic sans-serif with little room between the letters. All of them were also uppercase, although the ‘M’ in the front was a bit bigger. They placed an eye in its middle, which is a regular seed shape with a black dot in the middle.