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Mango Punto Fa, S.L. is a clothing design and manufacturing company based in Palau-solità i Plegamans, Spain. It offers women’s, men’s, and kids’ collections.

Meaning and history

Mango Logo history

The history of mango began in 1984 from the brand’s first wrote in Barcelona, and for the first few years, the label was oriented on the national market, starting its expansion from the neighborhood Portugal. Though already in ten years after its foundation, the brand had almost a thousand and of stores across the globe, and today their number is above 2000.

As for the visual identity, the brand has been very consistent with its logo, which was only redesigned once, in 2011, after a huge rebranding and adoption of the completely new approach to fashion collections, which Mango needed to reborn and to stand out in the list of its numerous competitors.

1984 — 2011

Mango Logo 1984

The original Mango logo, introduced by the brand in 1984, was composed of a bold and solid black logotype, placed on a white background. The inscription in all capitals was written in a stylish stencil serif typeface, which is pretty close to such fonts as French Shipping Stencil JNL Regular and VTG Stencil France No 5, but with its lines modified. Each of the bold black letters of the wordmark was placed with a lot of space between each other, which made the massiveness light and the masculinity — delicate.

2011 — Today

Mango logo

The first redesign of the logo was held in 2011 and changed the massive traditional typeface to a modern and cool one. The serif font was replaced by a custom sans-serif, with all its capital letters slightly shortened in their heights and extended in widths. The font, which the Mango logotype is based on, is a famous FM Bolyar Sans Pro 600, but with come stencils added to each of the letters, celebrating the legacy of the brand and showing its connection to its roots.