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Modis is a Russian fashion retail chain offering clothing for men, women, teenagers, and kids. The first two Modis stores opened in 2006 in Yaroslavl, Russia. They sell all sorts of clothing, but it’s generally supposed to be affordable and well-made at the same time. The company currently has over 140 stores.

Meaning and History

The company was started in 2006. The simplicity of the Modis logo gives the company a chance to experiment with all sorts of styles without the need to modify the logo. In fact, this unpretentious sans serif type does not have a clear style of its own, so it can be used with any collection.

2006 – today

Modis Logo

The initial logotype by Modis is the lowercase name written in a custom dark gray typeface. The dot above the character ‘i’ is colored yellow. Sometimes, the name is placed onto a black background. In this case, the name has a white outline. There is also another version of the Modis logo. It’s also the name, but written in a blue font with large letters.

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