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Mobiado is a Canadian company specializing in redesign of Nokia phone models. It is an independent manufacturer whose phones are sold on a very limited number of markets – 13 counties to be exact.

Meaning and history

Logo Mobiado

Mobiado is the brand that transformed mobile phones into precision mobile instruments. It is a hallmark of some of the most famous phones ever created. The company uses the finest materials and precious stones for its designs. Moniato is synonymous to luxury.

The Mobiado logo is an all-lowercase minimalist wordmark and an image of the lion rampant.

Lion rampant is one of the most common heraldic symbols. It is an emblem of majesty, strength, and justice. The Rampant position of the lion ( erect on his hind legs, in profile) is emblematic of generosity and nobility.

Emblem Mobiado

The Color scheme of the logo is a classic and elegant monochrome, but sometimes Mobiado use gold for the lion, which adds even more luxury to the brand.

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