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Thomson is a French consumer electronic brand, owned by Technicolor SA. It was founded in 1892 in New York and two months later a French subsidiary was incorporated by its owner, Elihu Thomson.

Meaning and history

Thomson logo

The Thomson logo is a reflection of brand’s strength as a representative of consumer electronics sector and trust in high quality of its products. Thomson brand is well-known for its TV sets as well as cables and antennas, which are being produced by the company for decades.

Thomson values innovation and technology and its red wordmark logo reflects the brand’s energy of moving forward and power in everything it does.

The simple slightly italicized font of the all-caps logo looks great in red and balanced with a gray straight tagline in all-lowercase “La technologie amie” which means “Friendly technology” in French.

What is Thomson?
Thomson is a French company that specializes in technology and consumer electronics. They are known for their wide range of products including televisions, audio equipment, and home appliances.