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The original MLS logo was subtly modified four times until in 2014 the Major League Soccer adopted a totally new logotype featuring a different color scheme.

Meaning and history

MLS logo history

1994 — 1996

Major League Soccer Logo 1994The debut emblem was introduced in 1994. It left no doubt as to what sphere the organization works in. It depicted a black-and-white football and a foot. Under the picture, there was the abbreviation “MLS” in black. Below it, there was the full name of the organization in smaller red letters.

1996 — 2000

Major League Soccer Logo 1996
The color palette of the MLS logo was changed in 1996. The red and blue were replaced by blue and green, which looked more natural and evokes a sense of professionalism and stability. As for the “Major League Soccer” tagline, it was now written in blue and used a more traditional medium-weight sans-serif typeface, which looked balanced and calm.

2000 — 2012

Major League Soccer Logo 2000

As the result of the 2000 redesign, the logo was placed inside a black rectangular frame with rounded corners. Both the ball and the foot were modified, and the image grew more vivid and dimensional. The lettering stayed the same as it had been in the previous variation.

In 2008, the Major League Soccer logo was slightly altered. The image remained virtually unchanged, while the text became simpler: only the lettering “MLS” was left. In 2012, the logotype went black-and-white.

2012 — 2015

Major League Soccer Logo 2012
The redesign of 2012 made the logo monochrome and refined the contours of all elements, enclosing the emblem into a rectangular black frame with rounded angles. The tagline was removed, which made the whole composition look stylish and progressive, even though all elements remained almost unchanged.

2015 — Today

Major logo
The concept of the MLS logo was completely changed in 2015. The new logo features a classic crest shape, diagonally divided into two parts by a thick blue line. The upper left corner of the badge boasts a sleek gradient red color and has a white sand-serif wordmark set on its top two, and three white five-pointed stars under it. As for the other half of the crest, it is plain white and adds a strong contrast between the red segment and the thick blue outline of the crest.


MLS logo font

The simple monolinear sans serif typeface features flattened vertices and slashed terminals.


MLS logo color

The color scheme of the current MLS logo is not as diverse as that of its predecessors. In addition to white, it includes several shades of red and blue.