National Womens Soccer League (NWSL) logo

National Women's Soccer League logoNational Womens Soccer League Logo PNG

The National Women’s Soccer League logo uses the same approach as, for instance, the Major League Baseball logo. It comprises two fields, red and dark blue, with the “border” formed by the figure of a player. In this case, the player is a female ready to kick a soccer ball, which is also present on the NWSL logo. The dark blue field, which is on the right, houses the abbreviation “NWSL.” The overall shape of the logo is pentagonal. Over the central image, there’re white and silver outlines.

Meaning and history

National Womens Soccer League Logo history

2000 – 2003

National Womens Soccer League Logo 2000
The original logo is a shield shape, colored variably in blue and red. The top blue bit is taken up by the acronym – ‘WUSA’ written in big, white letters. Besides that, there’s also a star between ‘W’ and ‘U’, creating a slightly larger gap. The bottom of the shield is occupied by a minimalistic figure of a female soccer player, and a ball above her.

2008 – 2012

National Womens Soccer League Logo 2008

A wider shield was adopted in 2008. This time, its core was 50/50 yellow and red, outlined by some white, then a thick layer of blue and then some red. The blue layer extended into a block on top of the shield, where ‘WPS’ was written in squat, white letters. The center also held a figure of a female player, but in more detail this time.

2012 – Today

National Women's Soccer League logo
Below, the full name of the league is given in dark blue. The type used on the National Womens Soccer League logo is a regular italicized serif one.
NWSL logo