Fuji Electric Logo

Fuji Electric logoFuji Electric Logo PNG

Fuji Electric is a brand of electrical control devices manufacturer. The company was established in 1953 in Japan as an alliance between Japanese Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and German Siemens AG.

Meaning and history

The Fuji Electric brand shares its name with the highest Japanese mountain and is derived from the first letter of the companies due to the merger of which the brand was created.

The Fuji Electric logo was only redesigned twice during its history. First time was in 1978, when the elegant original emblem of the brand was replaced by a confident color logotype. The logo we see now was created in 2002 and only slightly modified during the last years.

Logo Fuji Electric

The Fuji Electric logo is a two letter wordmark “FE” in bold smooth typeface. The blue color of the lettering looks bright and confident on a white background and reflects the brand’s innovative approach and strength.

The tagline of the logo is the brand’s statement “Innovating Energy Technology” and is executed in classic serif font using blue for “Innovating”, which is the most important characteristic of the brand, and black for “Energy Technology”.

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