Western Digital Logo

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Western Digital Logo
Western Digital is an American brand of data storage devices, hard disk drivers and accessories manufacturer, which was founded in 1970 in California. Today the company has $20 billion dollars of annual revenue and over 70,000 employees worldwide.

Meaning and history

Western Digital Logo history

Western Digital is a trendsetter in the world’s data storage industry. It is a powerful company with clear values and targets.
The Western Digital logo is strong and confident, it is composed of a wordmark and a brand’s signifier icon on the left.
The wordmark is executed in masculine strict typeface with clean lines of the letters. The black color of the nameplate adds strength and confidence to the logo.
Logo Western Digital
The brand’s icon is composed of two letters “WD” with a horizontal line going through them, which symbolizes progress and movement. Western digital drives innovation and is in constant process of researching the new technologies.
The Western Digital logo is modest yet powerful. It’s monochrome color scheme changes depending on packaging, and looks great in any color combination due to its classic forms and modern lines. It is a timeless logo, which fully reflects the brand’s philosophy and leading positions on the market.