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The Laval Rocket (also known as The Rocket de Laval) is the Montreal Canadiens‘ AHL affiliate team. It used to play under the name of the St. John’s IceCaps.

Meaning and history

Laval Rocket Logo history

1969 — 1984

Laval Rocket Logo 1969

1984 — 1990

Laval Rocket Logo 1984

1990 — 1999

Laval Rocket Logo 1990

1999 — 2002

Laval Rocket Logo 1999

2002 — 2015

Laval Rocket Logo 2002

2015 — 2017

Laval Rocket Logo 2015

2017 — Today

Laval Rocket logo

The logo for the 2017/18 playing season was developed by the agency lg2. The emblem is built around a large “R,” which is a unique take on the spiky, multi-stroke, inline aesthetic of sports logos. There’re a lot of small details inside the “R.” The primary Rocket de Laval logo can be placed over a white and red flag.


Colors Laval Rocket Logo

The main version of the Laval Rocket logo features dark blue and white, and it can also feature red for the flag background.