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Asko is a Swedish brand of household appliances, established in 1950 by Karl-Erik Andersson (the inventor of a washing machine). The Scandinavian company specializes in manufacturing major appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerators and dishwashers.

Meaning and history

Asko Logo history

Asko got its current name only in 42 years after its launch.

1950 – 2006

Asko Logo 1950

In 1950 it was called Jung Verkstäder, then, after acquisition by Asea in 1978, Asea Cylinda. The name changed again in 1988, after the brand was bought by Finnish furniture company Asko. The brand was named Asko Asea until 1992.

2006 – Today

Asko logo

The Asko logo is a bright red all-caps wordmark in simple clean serif font and the “A” icon in the beginning of the logo. There is also a fine tagline in classic gray “Inspired by Scandinavia”.

Emblem Asko

The bold graphic image of the letter “A” is not just part of the logo, but is a brand’s signifier, used on websites and where there is a need of shortening the company’s name.