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Moulinex is a renowned company specializing in home appliances. Established in 1937, it offers a wide range of innovative products to simplify everyday tasks. Originally founded in France, Moulinex has expanded its operations globally, serving customers in various countries. With a commitment to quality and convenience, Moulinex continues to be a trusted brand in the household appliance industry.

Meaning and history

Moulinex logo

Moulinex got its name from the first product the company began to manufacture — mouli grater, which is a mill in French.

The Moulinex logo is an elegant recognizable wordmark in scarlet red color. The custom bold typeface of the nameplate is close to Monoment font, and is very delicate and neat, despite the thickness of its lines. Red color symbolizes warmth, energy and cozy home feeling, which the brand aims to provide their consumers with.

The Moulinex logo is stylish and minimalist, it shows the brand as caring and reliable, having its consumers in the center of its value system.

What is Moulinex?
Moulinex is a French company specializing in small household appliances. It is known for manufacturing and selling products like blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and other kitchen appliances.