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MC2 Saint Barth was named after St Barth Island, an overseas collectivity of France in the Caribbean. The word “MC2” was borrowed from the name of the first airplane model that flew from St. Martin to St. Barth.

Meaning and history

MC2 Saint Barth Logo

The brand offers apparel for women, men, and kids with a strong emphasis on beachwear. And yet, you will hardly notice any beachwear references in the MC2 Saint Barth logo. On the contrary, it looks pretty structured and serious, with its chessboard design.

The color scheme combining red, blue, and white, is rather popular in logo design, especially in the US, as it references the colors of the Flag of the United States. You can see this combination in hundreds of sports logos, while the Tommy Hilfiger logo can be a decent example in the world of fashion.
And yet, in the case of the MC2 Saint Barth logo, the palette seems to have been inspired by a different source, the Flag of Saint Barthélemy.

The brand states its style was inspired by the “gorgeous Caribbean sea colors.”

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