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Matalan is the name of a fashion and interior accessories retailing company, which was founded in 1985 in Great Britain. Today the company has over 250 stores across the UK and Europe and is one of the successful retailers in its segment.

Meaning and history

Matalan Logo history

The simple and modest Matalan visual identity is still strong and memorable, due to the use of bright colors in its logo.

The Matalan logo is composed of a wordmark, all the capital letters of which are executed in a thin and straight sans-serif typeface with fine neat lines and sharp angles.

The lettering is perfectly balanced in terms of size and space and evokes a light fresh sense, event in the brand’s intense color palette. The Matalan color scheme is based on the electric red and white combination. Sometimes the company uses white lettering on a red background, but more often — the red inscription is placed on a white background.

Red is the symbol of passion and love, it also represents a strong and powerful company, with a lot of energy and value of progress and movement. White accents add a sense of loyalty and purity of the brand, showing the customer as the main figure in the company’s philosophy.

1985 – 2006

Matalan Logo 1985

2006 – Today

Matalan logo

The Matalan visual identity is timeless due to the simplicity of its shapes and memorable dude to the bright red signature color. It is a perfect example of a minimalist contemporary visual identity design.