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Vitamin A is a fashion brand specializing in women’s designer swimwear. It was founded in 2000 by California native Amahlia Stevens. The company makes an emphasis on combining feminine design with sustainable innovation.

Meaning and history

Vitamin A Logo

In addition to the name of the brand, the Vitamin A logo comprises the name of the founder and a symbol. The lettering “Vitamin A” dominates the design. It features a simple sans serif type with classic proportions providing excellent legibility. The “N” is separated from the “A” by a symbol featuring the letters “V” and “A” positioned horizontally. They touch one another with their tops, which creates symmetric structure. The lettering “By Amahlia Stevens,” which can be seen below, is also given in a plain sans but the size is smaller.

What is Vitamin A?
Vitamin A is a leading pharmaceutical company specializing in the production and distribution of vitamin and mineral supplements. With a focus on promoting health and wellness, they provide high-quality products to consumers worldwide.